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Alert: If you've anticipated the Adele Tour for five-years, grapple for your tickets "forthwith". (As they say on "Blue Bloods"!) First market tickets in NYC sold-out in less than an hour. The Adele tour is performing six nights on September at the Madison Square Garden. Nevertheless, millions of fans must scramble for tickets.

Other sell-outs on the concert schedule include Denver and Houston. A shout-out to Austin fans: expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500 for tickets. The Adele tour rides in to Austin on November, 2016.

The multi-GRAMMY winner's concert schedule begins with two nights in St. Paul, MN on July. Some other major markets include: Chicago on July; Los Angeles on August; Philadelphia on September; Nashville on October and Dallas on November. Unless further dates are added, the Adele Tour wraps-up November in Mexico City.

Bottom Line:

We can't sugarcoat this one - don't hang around thinking you'll score a bargain for the Adele tour. There won't be any bargains. If you wait too long, there won't be any tickets.

Facts about Adele

The 2016 "'25' Adele Tour" is the namesake of the Brit mega-star's album. Adele was dubbed "The Hello Girl" after releasing the first single, "Hello" from "25".

Sales numbered 335 copies in one minute for her "25" album; making it the top selling album in the U.S. For a comparison, "25" garnered more sales in one week than "1989" by Taylor Swift sold the entire year.

Mystery solved: If you've wondered why Adele's album titles are all numbers, she names her albums according to how old she was when she wrote the songs.

First female singer to top Billboard's list of singers, albums and artists in 2011 - favorite Hot Billboard 100, "Rolling in the Deep", #1 song; favorite Billboard 200 for album "21".

In 2012, she made the Time Magazine list of "100 Most Influential People in the World".

Hates exercise, loves food and fears flying.

Alluding to being overweight, Adele is frequently quoted as saying, "I don't make music for eyes. I make music for ears."

Adele is a mononymous person, or someone who is known by one name. Other single-name divas include: Cher, Madonna, Oprah, Pink and Beyonce.

Influences: Dusty Springfield and Etta James.

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