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Tickets for Alcatraz Tours

The Tourist's Guide to Tickets for Alcatraz Tours

Alcatraz tours serve-up a slice of history to boatloads of tourists daily.

If you plan to buy Alcatraz tickets, get them online well in advance and print out your tickets. On the day of your visit, have your photo ID in hand and arrive at Pier 33, Alcatraz Landing on San Francisco Embarcadero at least 30 minutes prior to departure. It's next to impossible to get same-day tickets.

If you particularly want to get creeped-out, consider the night tour. Park yourself on the left side of the boat for sunset views of the San Francisco skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge. You will visit certain areas of the prison that aren't open during the day, such as the hospital and morgue. Some of the rooms aren't lit up by electricity, but are bathed in moonlight.

Alcatraz tour tickets

This is a great creepy experience and you might feel chills running up and down your spine.

Wear Comfy Shoes and Dress in Layers. It gets windy and cold on The Rock especially when fog is in season, during May-July. You will climb about a quarter of a mile up a steep hill to reach the prison, so wear comfy walking shoes. Be prepared for more walking up and down hills. However, trams are available for people who aren't able to walk long distances.

Food is not available on site. You may want to eat a bite on the dock before proceeding on the Alcatraz island. You can't feed the birds. Massive numbers of seabirds live on the island. You're not permitted to bother or feed them.

Alcatraz Facts

Alcatraz belonged to the clean plate club! Inmates had 20 minutes to clean their plates or possibly loose privileges. On the upside, it was the best prison food in the United States.

It showed total 14 attempts to escape from this federal prison involving 36 inmates during the time of 1933 thru 1962, Frank Morris was one of them, he and the Anglin brothers successfully escaped from this island, and nobody never had found and captured 3 of them.

Alcatraz tour tickets provide that once-in-a-lifetime experience that will be live in your memory forever!

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