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Cheap Amtrak Train Tickets

Cheap Amtrak train tickets are so difficult to find even thought riding this train is really enjoyable!

Book Amtrak train tickets

The key is to be flexible with your rail travel dates. Never go to any train stations around the holidays and during peak tourist seasons and any weekends. You need to book train tickets online as far in advance of travel as possible.

The earlier you purchase, the more likely you will find cheap train tickets available for your itinerary.

Before you start shopping for vacation package or weekend getaways, you  need to explore your options and browse this train schedule (timetable) based on the train routes between departure and arrival cities, identify what you expect to get from the train ride, the way you can know what you want as part of your train ticket price.

If you are going to take a long distance train, you need to book sleeping accommodations for the number of nights. It's very wise idea to consider sharing the cost of a sleep car with someone you know that will be traveling.

You can visit online and look for "Hot Deals" menu, check out their railroad passenger corporation's special deals and savings with daily discounts. Also regional tour packages and multi-ride tickets are available there; you should take advantage of type of passenger discounts if you are able to meet type of passenger requirement.

In order to use one of passenger discounts, you should book your train tickets online at least 72 hours in advance.

* AAA member - 10 pct discount.
* NARP member - 10 pct discount.
* Military - 10 pct discount.
* Child under 2-years old - free ride.
* Child (2 thru 15 years old) - 50 pct discount.
* Senior over 62 years old - 15 pct discount.
* ISIC Student Discount Cards - 15 pct off the lowest available fare.

The Guide to Amtrak Train Tickets

Ticket Auction is where you could find Amtrak train coupons and/or Amtrak vouchers for sale, you should get savings on your train ticket purchases. Whenever you obtain valid promotion code, apply it to book your ticket online to get your savings on rail fares. See below.

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Tickets for Amtrak sleepcar

If you know how to find ways to quickly save money on your cheap Amtrak train tickets and also bring your own important stuffs such as plenty of snacks, bottled waters and other beverages, smartphone, blanket, pillow, sleeping mask, iPod, laptop / iPad, books, and video camera with you.

Since they offer Wi-Fi, you'll experience a pleasure trip while you are aboard and could keep your spending money in your own pocket.

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