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If you have the wherewithal, desire and resilience, a round the world tickets (RTW) might just be the greatest gift you ever give yourself. Instead of purchasing separate international airline tickets to get from one place to the next, take advantage of an RTW that permits you to fly – well – around the world. It's a cost-effective and flexible way to visit multiple destinations of your choice.

You can now buy point-to-point tickets online! However, a trip of this magnitude requires a significant investment of your time. Careful preplanning ensures there are no snafus with your itinerary, such as landing in Nepal during monsoon season.

Plan early and plan wisely. Be mindful, anticipation is often as exciting as the actual journey. Take your time and ponder various destinations. Just because you aren't familiar with a country doesn't mean you must eschew it. Download a RTW trip planner from the internet and take a few trial runs from the comfort of home.

Experienced RTW travelers suggest the round the world ticket should originate from one of the lower cost countries. For instance, it is frightfully expensive to start your adventure from anywhere in the US. Instead, consider a large city, such as London. Search for international airline tickets and nail down a cheap one-way fare. Then plan your travels starting from that city.

Flexibility permits the best benefits from your round the world ticket. You can extend your stay in Cape Town to catch an upcoming festival. You can divert to interesting places, that weren't on your original RTW trip planner. Just ensure dates and places can be altered.

Not only is the around the world ticket cost-effective and flexible, you can take a whole year to complete your journey! This means you can seize 365 fun-filled days, with the awareness your upcoming flights are guaranteed. There's no need to worry about last minute rate hikes or sold-out flights on the days you want to travel.

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