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When it comes to Buckingham Palace tours, you should be aware that Buckingham Palace is where Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton kissed twice on the balcony of this historic building to the delight of the gathered crowds on 29 April, 2011. It had been used as British monarch's residence since 1837, and today it is the Queen's London residence, and naturally one of the most popular tourist attractions in London, England.

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Buckingham Palace is located next to St James's Park; you can easily reach Buckingham Palace by taking underground train (tube) to Victoria Station or St James's Park Station or Green Park Station. But I chose to take tube to St James's Station, because this Station is close to St James's Park where you will never get lost there, you'll feel relaxed to walk thru this park and see nice ducks roaming the pond; it just takes you 5 minute to arrive Buckingham Palace on foot from this park. The Victoria Monument can be seen on the front of this Palace.

If you are the holder of Buckingham Palace tickets, the tour guide takes you up the grand staircase and through the lavishly State rooms like Music room, Throne Room, Ballroom, Queen's Gallery, and the Royal News. You'll get the audio tour and learn more about the royal history. The audio tours are available in different foreign language versions.

The most interesting highlight is the famous Changing of the Guard takes place on the Palace forecourt on the morning of 11:30. If you have a lucky day to be there, you'll be able to see the colorful 30-minute parade of guards with red jackets and black "bearskins" hats exchanging the Palace keys.

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