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If you're into basketball, you'll find that Duke basketball tickets are an investment. You may need to learn a bit more about Duke Blue Devils basketball team before you can really start cheering like a Duke fan, but at least you can go to a game that you're sure to enjoy.

College basketball can be a lot of fun, and the games are often more competitive than NBA games. In college, the players are doing their best to get recruited to the NBA, so they play with their whole hearts and give it their all. In the NBA, many players are just enjoying their high salary without really investing their all into the games.

Both have tried to win in their division, and both teams come from the great state of North Carolina. If you're a fan of college basketball, no doubt you're closely checking the UNC basketball schedule to see what day this huge game will take place. The best moments in UNC basketball history have been when the Tar Heels have taken on the Blue Devils, and both games at home in the Dean Smith Center and away games at Cameron Indoor Stadium have been intense - to say the least. Find out about Duke vs Carolina tickets.

Duke is a team that has never been amazingly good, and yet they're never at the bottom of the league either. As for the end of 2015 season, they have won ACC basketball tournament titles for total 24 times and recorded 5-time NCAA basketball tournament champions.

The best moment of NCAA basketball tourney in 1992 was Duke's Grant Hill threw a 75-feet pass to Christian Laettner and the 6-ft-11-inch guy made 17-foot "clutch" shot into the net at buzzer to beat UK Wildcats! Blue Devils went ahead to claim their second consecutive NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament title after they already have won in 1991.

If you've watched the best moments in Duke basketball history, you'll realize that the players that came through Cameroon Indoor Stadium were all worth watching. While few have gone on to the NBA, they made the Duke basketball schedule a busy one.

Duke's players may not be the best, but every year their team has a real shot at winning against the other teams that have much better players. There's just something about the grit and determination of each Duke player that makes the Blue Devils a treat to watch, and it's why Duke is still considered one of the best teams in college ball.

If you want a game worth watching, you need Duke basketball tickets. Please make sure to deal with reliable sellers who currently maintain excellent feedback profiles only.

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