Reasons to Book
Eurostar Train Tickets Online

Reasons to Book Eurostar Train Tickets Online

Traveling by Eurostar train from London’s St Pancras International Station to Paris’ Gare du Nord Station is both trendy and practical. Train travel is gradually replacing other modes of transportation between these major cities including the airplane. Whizzing along at 195 km per hour, it takes the train from Paris to London a scant 2 hours 15 minutes from arrival to destination. Booking a returns ticket by train is cheaper than airfare too!

It is prudent to book your Eurostar tickets online for several important reasons.

Ensure Availability

There are many reasons to book your seat on the train from London to Paris in advance. If you wait until you arrive at the Eurostar station, you may face long lines and run out of time before the train departs. Because more and more people are traveling by train from Paris to London, you are also at risk all the seats will be taken.


Unless you want to see that deer in the headlights look reflected in your kid's eyes, you might consider booking Eurostar tickets online. When dear old dad makes a promise to take the train from London to Paris on a specific day, kids expect it to happen. They don't understand "sold out" or "another day". Kids live in the world of now. You won't pacify them by delaying the trip. Women are a smidge better. Their intellect gets it - no room in the inn, no seats on the train. But, woe unto you if you'd promised a shopping trip in gay Paree. Their cranky side will come out and that's not pretty.

Don’t disappoint your family, book tickets for Eurostar train.

buy Eurostar tickets online to london or paris

Better for Budget

In addition to the high volume of travel, seat prices go-up closer to your travel date. With trains filling to capacity, there are seldom last-minute deals to be found.

You can book Eurostar journeys up to four months in advance. Just imagine the peace of mind you'll have with no fear of tickets being sold out or disappointing your family. Provided there are good deals on train tickets, booking early is the best timeframe to locate them.

Insider Tip

If you're on vacation and won't need the return half of a round trip ticket, watch for online deals. Often, a round trip ticket is cheaper than the one way fare.

Where to Get Eurostar Train Tickets

When you book early tickets online for the train from London to Paris, you may want to upgrade to Standard Premier for more leg room and various perks.

View Eurostar timetable (schedule) / fares first and book Eurostar train tickets online.

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