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Greyhound bus tickets might be your best option if you are full-time student or with limited budgets or if you want to ride Greyhound bus and enjoy your long-distance leisure travel in United State or Canada without driving.

There are great reasons to choose bus travel - you don't have to rent a car or pay parking fees or worry about parking violation or traffic violation. Also don't have to feel stressful about driving in unfamiliar spots during rush hour. 

Of course, your Greyhound bus ticket will be cheaper than either airline ticket or Amtrak train ticket. For example, a one-way Amtrak ticket between Los Angeles and Denver cost $151 within 14 days advance purchase, but with this bus tickets you can pay $65 for that within 14-day advance purchase!

If you need Greyhound in Las Vegas Nevada, find this bus station near Plaza Hotel and Casino on Main Street that close to Fremont Street. You'd have no problem to find Greyhound stations in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Kansas City, or even Fargo ND if you plan to travel to specific City by bus.

About Greyhound Bus Tickets

buy greyhound bus tickets online

My best advice is don't purchase your bus tickets at Greyhound station, because you won't get any bargains or discounts on your purchase. The best place to buy your bus tickets online by visiting Greyhound site, whenever you are in the "Greyhound reservations" site, look for "Deals / Discounts" icon on the top navigation bar then click on this icon, you'll see different type of discounts like Student discount, $12 e-fare, priority seat discount and more offered by Greyhound.

Once your credit card purchase is accepted, you'll get email confirmation from Greyhound then come to Greyhound station and pick up your bus ticket at "Will Call" booth. That's how you can keep your extra spending dollars in your pockets by buying your bus tickets online from there.

You can google to find valid Greyhound deals and discounts (promo code / coupon) then put it on "coupon code" field at checkout page of the Greyhound website, the way you can get savings on your bus ticket purchase. PayPal mastercard or credit card or debit card is accepted for your Greyhound ticket purchases.

One more important tips - In order for you to be safe, you should stay inside Greyhound station if the bus stop for a break at unfamiliar place like ghost town in the night.

With your iPod, laptop PC and iPad in hand you should relax and sit back and let someone else do the driving, the way it makes your Greyhound travel more enjoyable and fun!

Planning to book a motel/hotel near Greyhound station when you arrive the destination by bus?? See the right column as above.

For Greyhound in Spanish - visit boletos de autobus de Greyhound.

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