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Hershey Park Discount Tickets:

Do you love amusement parks, roller coasters and chocolate? If so, sounds like you'd love everything about Hersheypark in Hershey, PA!

Chocolate World is at the park entrance where you can take in a 4D show, a chocolate tasting and build your own chocolate bar

Remember to make reservations for breakfast with life-sized Hershey's Characters like Reece's Cup and Kit Kat. Your ticket to the amusement park includes a 2 ½ hour free preview the evening before. Take advantage of the free time to explore and map out your Big Day.

insider tip: it requires a monumental amount of walking to get from here to there and back. Wear mega-comfortable shoes.

On Big Day, head to one out of 12 roller coasters on your must-ride list. The queues fill up quickly. Great Bear is exceptional because your feet dangle during loops and the Zero-Gravity Roll. If you need an adrenaline fix, experience thrills and chills on the Wildcat.

Your family must get their height measured, barefooted to qualify for various water rides. Have fun searching for your "brand" among the candy-themed rides.

For example, if you're over 60", you're a Jolly Rancher. Kids under 36" tall, are Hershey's miniatures.

The Boardwalk offers nine eco-friendly water features, which use rainwater and recycled water. East Coast Waterworks boasts seven slides, bridges, two wave machines and interactive water toys, such as buckets, pull ropes and water pistols.

The Shoreline Sprayground opened in 2013. You'll be sprayed, misted and showered on this 7,000 square foot sprayground. Also a delicious spot to sit underneath cabanas, cool down and watch the dancing fountains.

About Hersheypark:

Milton S. Hershey originally opened a picnic grove in 1907 for benefit of his employees. It has evolved to become a chocolate-inspired amusement park where chocolate characters roam about and kids of all ages have great fun.

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Another tourist who posted a review on HersheyPark, see below:

"I've been going to Hersheypark every year since I was a kid and have seen the place change in many ways and stay the same in many other ways. Overall it's a great place but there are some things to beware of. These things are great: Rides: The rides are excellent! They have a variety of rides to suit all..."

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