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About Iggy Azalea Tour

The concert tour for Iggy Azalea commences April in Fresno, California and concludes May in Austin, Texas. Nick Jonas will open for the Australian hip-hop rapper pop-star. Tinashe and D.J. Wizz Kid are supporting acts.

In a smooth marketing move, The Great Escape Tour was announced to generate a "pre-Grammy bounce". While it's just ordinary business smarts for artists to stir-up a buzz for upcoming tours after they get Grammys, it's downright brilliant to "capitalize on the Grammy bounce" before winning.

With four Grammy nominations: Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, Best Pop Duo / Group Performance for Fancy” and Record of the Year, chances are, Azalea will get a couple of Grammy-eggs.

After all Azalea is the first global female rap star who attained #1 on both the Rap and R&B / Hip-Hop Billboard Album charts.

Here are hot Iggy Azalea songs:

Fancy and Problem hit concurrently #1 and #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Beatles held this distinction since February 1964.

Change your Life – New Classic Album

Azalea presses a guy to improve his life, she's worth it - "Hop out of your past life And I'll renovate your future." Critics raved about it. This was the first time the world heard Azalea sing on an album.

Pu$$y catapulted Azalea to the top after video went viral. For an artist who genuinely wants to be "provocative", we'd say she manifested her wish with Pu$$y. However, controversy quickly erupted over the small boy in the video.

Black Widow hit #3 on Billboard Hot 100, resulting in Azalea's 3rd top ten, subsequent to Fancy and Problem. It's considered a "dark song" with a focus on revenge after love gone wrong.

Setlist of Iggy Azalea Songs on Upcoming Tour?

At the moment, the setlist of Iggy Azalea songs for The Great Escape Tour has not been released. Since she's not promoting a new release, predictions are:

Work, Change Your Life, Bounce, My World, Booty, Pu$$y, Murda Bizness, Fancy, Don't Need Y'all, Black Widow and Rolex.

Nevertheless, you won't be disappointed when Azelea performs unless… you forget to buy Iggy Azalea tickets… until after they are all gone.

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