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We're not jokin' - you need to secure Jerry Seinfeld tickets while you still can. The celebrity comic kicks-off his road tour in Madison, WI on January, 2015. The laughter doesn't fade until April - May, when Seinfeld takes his stand-up stage show to Saint, Petersburg, Florida.

The tour rolls through Midland, Texas on March, and hits Caesars Palace in Vegas for a 2-nighter mid-April. Canadians get their dose of Seinfeld's observational humor on January in Oshawa and January in Windsor.

Don't despair if we didn't mention a location near you. Just check online for the complete tour schedule to buy your tickets for Jerry Seinfeld show.

Let's look at a few facts about Jerry Seinfeld:

The sitcom Seinfeld was aptly nicknamed "the show about nothing".

Seinfeld awarded himself the honorary title "Heckle Therapist". When he was on stage and somebody started to heckle him, Seinfeld would emphasize and proceed to counsel them about anger management.

If you enjoy potty humor, you may remember the Seinfeld episode The Pothole, where Jerry's girlfriend inadvertently brushes her teeth after the toothbrush had fallen into the commode (before Jerry could enlighten her about the wayward toothbrush).

However, if you prefer your humor on the macabre side: While the final Seinfeld show was being aired, Frank Sinatra passed. It only took the ambulance four minutes to arrive at Sinatra's home. The L.A. fire chief remarked there was hardly any traffic, "Everyone was home watching Seinfeld".

Facts about Jerry Seinfeld comedy tour as spoken by fans:

Material, or lack of, seemed to be a common thread among disappointed fans. Aussies spared no punches, "…many, many bits – quite possibly all of them – had appeared at his Riverside set two years before…"

Or, "…he didn't suck, but…"

Good news for you diehard fans, Seinfeld is advertising all new comedy material this year.

How about the guy who said, "good holsom humor".

Finally, the show was painful for this woman, "cheeks, abs, face, lungs hurt so bad from laughing…"

Overall, fans admire Seinfeld for telling clean jokes. That's why he lives to make you laugh.

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