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How does this grab you as a compelling reason to buy Jet Blue tickets – for the past nine years jetBlue airline has been voted top low-cost airline for customer satisfaction in North America! Want more? They were the first airline to install free live TV, although the original plan called for a pay TV system.

With that smooth move, jetBlue began building their brand as a "high quality, low cost carrier". Free in-flight TV set jetBlue airlines apart from its competitors. Now, they are planning a re-run by installing a "ka-band" satellite-based Wi-Fi system in all their Airbus planes. Can you say F-A-S-T?

There are already a few planes with Wi-Fi. Very soon all you Important People can conduct business in flight. For now, get entertained! Just settle back in your comfy leather seat and watch DIRECTV or listen to SiriusXM Radio.

The airline sponsors a TrueBlue loyalty program where you can chalk-up points for future travel. It should also be a comfort to know that your first bag is always free. Your jetBlue tickets will include complimentary drinks and snacks.

One satisfied customer commented that jetBlue's Terra blue potato chips were the best she had ever tasted. Another reported he had never flown jetBlue airlines because he felt "cheap fares translated to cheap service". But, he became a believer due to the friendliest staff ever, great snack choices and free TV.

About Jet Blue Tickets

There are no doubts about it, low-cost jetBlue tickets, excellence in customer satisfaction and freebies are awesome. We also wish to point out that through their "One Thing that's Green" eco-friendly program, over 83,000 trees have been planted!

When you're ready to purchase your JetBlue tickets online, you may want to opt for seats that offer "Even More Space". Not only will you have 38" to stretch out your legs, you will also be among the first passengers to board.

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