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A Tourist's Guide to Mississippi River Cruises Tickets

It's a very good year to get your Mississippi River Cruises tickets and not a moment too soon! Small ship cruising, which has been wildly popular in Europe for ages, is coming into vogue in the U.S. If you're looking for a laid-back, up-close-and-personal scenic tour of southern history and culture, you'll find it on your Mississippi River voyage.

Not familiar with paddle wheel, steam boating? Let's explore a few facts about Mississippi River cruises:

  • Mississippi River Cruise is also called "Steamboats of Mississippi River"
  • Tickets for Mississipi River cruises include free shore excursions
  • Casual environment; dress-up clothing not required
  • You'll get gratis beer and wine with dinner
  • Complimentary soft drinks, bottled water and cappuccino during your trip
  • All-American staff means no language barriers
  • Free historical lectures
  • Evening entertainment: jazz, blues, cabaret style shows
  • Luscious decor, crystal chandeliers, exquisite southern cuisine

    However, you may be shocked to hear that your tickets to the Mississippi River cruises might cost more than an ocean voyage. This is one instance where the earlier you book your cruise, the better deal you can get online.

    We've observed some pretty deep discounts, such as the "companion cruises free"; get a free night in hotel by booking 60 days in advance of sail-date; and 10 percent overall discount. Group discounts are also available for 5 to 8 plus people.

    Historically, retirees have outnumbered other age groups interested in small ship river cruises, but all-ages are becoming attracted to relaxed atmosphere and "small-town experiences'. Remember all port excursions are included in your ticket price.

    You can expect a more opulent stateroom on a small ship, as opposed to larger cruise ships. Also, staterooms will be fewer to provide a more intimate experience. Average number of guests is about 500. There are no noisy gambling machines, but men can play cards like Texas Hold'em Poker in the Gentleman's Card Room.

    Imagine a Memphis to New Orleans steamboat cruise where you're transported backward to a more gracious, genteel time. Where the most exciting thing that happens is watching is watching the huge paddle wheel turn over and over again.

    Now, do you agree it's the perfect time to get your tickets for Mississippi River cruises?

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