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nickelback concert tickets

If you want to score Nickelback tickets, most auspicious opportunities will be found online. Nickelback's 12th headlining tour is in support of their 8th studio album, No Fixed Address. The 61-city tour kicks-off on February 14 in Allentown. The grand finale is in Atlanta on August 29th.

Heralded among Canada's top money-making groups, the Canadian group has sold in excess of 50 million albums, across the globe. They are billed in the U.S. as the number two top-selling foreign act of the 2000s. Only the Beetles surpassed them.

Billboard positioned Nickelback top rock group of the decade; "How you Remind Me" ranked as the decade's top rock song. Unfortunately, Rolling Stone readers disagreed, as evidenced by their voting Nickelback second-worst group of the 1990s.

That's not all…back in 2003; they "won" the NME award for worst band! Music critics have proven themselves "violently judgmental" concerning the hard-rockers. Nickelback has been called everything from "panderingly bland" to "lowbrow and sexist".

Having been nine times nominated for Grammy awards, with five multi-platinum albums under their belts, three AMA awards and 12 Juno awards, Nickelback is groovin' about being such a controversial band.

Despite negative press, these post-grunge rockers have historically played to full houses, boasting more than eight million ticket sales. There is no reason to suspect this tour will be different. Already, major ticket outlets are projecting Nickelback tour tickets "hot sellers".

How about we explore fun facts about Nickelback?

Do you know the origin of the band's name - "Nickelback"?

When Mike Kroeger worked for Starbucks, a cup of coffee sold for $1.95. Mike found himself perpetually telling customers, "Here's your nickel back".

In 2010, Nickelback sang Burn it to the Ground during the closing ceremony at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

In 2007, the guys were inducted into the Canada Walk of Fame.

Ever hear a song that took only 15 minutes to write? Now you have -"How you Remind Me" lyrics were about Jodi, who was Chad's previous girlfriend.

Have you seen the YouTube video of the group wearing sunglasses and tuxedos, performing Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top)?

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