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It's beginning to look like collaboration is the word where the music industry is concerned. At any rate, summertime 2014 just got hotter with the Rod Stewart and Santana collaborating as "The Voice, The Guitar, The Songs". Starting in the 1960s, these musical icons achieved celebrity status simultaneously.

Of course they took different paths. Santana with his edgy guitar, "Afro, Latin, blues, rock", fusion sound and Stewart with his signature raspy-gravelly voice. Both artists seemingly attract awards as effortlessly as a magnet collects paper clips. Stewart and Santana each have a humongous and incredibly loyal fan base.

In our estimation, the Rod Stewart and Santana collaboration just makes sense. The tour launches in Albany on May and promises to be history in the making.

Something new about Rod Stewart, which is getting all the buzz is that after a long hiatus, he got his song-writing chops back! “It was clean out of the blue. Something clicked and I realized I had things to write about again and things I wanted to sing about…”

Have you heard about Rod Stewart's "LIVE 1976-1998: TONIGHT’S THE NIGHT"? It's a collection of Rod Stewart songs spanning over 20 years, plus 58 live recordings that are being released for the first time. The 4-disc set contains the awesome "Maggie May" and of course, "Tonight's the Night", "You Wear it Well" and many more of your favorites. It's just coming out as of March 18, 2014.

If you're a longtime Rod Stewart fan who prefers the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace, there are several upcoming Las Vegas dates. Some Rod Stewart concert tour, UK dates in June are sold out. However, a scant few VIP packages remain for the June 14th concert at Britannia Stadium.

Did you know the first, most prestigious Diamond Award went to Rod Stewart in 2002? Among World Music Awards, the Diamond is presented sporadically to elite artists with sales of 100 million albums.

At age 69, Stewart is still posing the age-old question: "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy"? You'll be able to answer that at whichever concert you attend during the Rod Stewart tour!

Find out about Rod Stewart concerts in Canada or New York City if you are in that town.

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