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Standby Flights Tickets

About Standby Flights

If you find yourself tickets for standby flights when it is necessary, you must have a standby airline tickets on hand.

Here are five important tips you should know in mind as below:

#1. First of all, you need to call those airline's customer service before you plan to leave for airport, when you find that any airline doesn't have flying standby tickets available, just keep checking on next airline until you reconfirm that there are flights with limited empty seats available that you can get standby plane tickets.

#2. As for baggage, you should pack light so your baggage would be your carry-on baggage without any hassle, because if you have to check your baggage at ticket counter, the fly standby tickets will not work, it is an unnecessary hassle for the standby airline to find your flight seat then had to load your baggage to that flight in no-time.

#3. You should come to airport very early in the morning, try to look for an earlier flight which some empty seats available when passengers probably not arrive the airport on time, the way it's going to increase your chance of catching your flight.

#4. You must stay at the boarding flight gate area and wait for your name to be called, if you leave the gate area and your name is called, they wouldn't hold a seat for you and proceed to call next name, your chance of standby airline tickets are blown!

If you need to leave the gate area for restroom or washroom, please notify the flight employee that you would be out for one moment.

#5. If you are traveling alone or traveling with someone to fill in 2 seats, your chance of getting flying standby is still good, but if you are going with your family, you should know it's going to be difficult getting flying standby tickets.

If you're one of (18 to 22 year old) college students and seek student standby tickets, AirTran has stand-by flights for students, this program really enables you to save money on last-minute airfare under $100 USD!

One more thing - if you want to get lowest plane tickets or seek last minute plane tickets, you have to be flexible with your standby air travel schedule. You can save money on standby airfare as long as you are willing to catch a standby flight to NYC or Las Vegas or Orlando or anywhere.

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