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Before we talk about Stonehenge Tour tickets, let's explain briefly about what Stonehenge is.

The Stonehenge - one of the greatest wonders of the world still standing, and yet historians have no idea how it could possibly come into being. At home in the countryside of England, this wonder is truly a site to visit for all of those that love history.

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You can find hundreds of fascinating Stonehenge facts online, facts like:

  • The Stonehenge was built 5,000 years ago.
  • The largest stone (known as a sarsen) is 30 feet tall and weighs 25 tons.
  • Burials are believed to have taken place in the Stonehenge 5,000 years ago.

    Pretty amazing Stonehenge facts, right?

    If you're looking for a holiday destination in Europe like no other, this UK destination is definitely the one for you. You'll find that it's an experience that you'll never forget, and you'll be awestruck by the majesty of the towering stones standing high over your head.

    The problem with visiting the Stonehenge is that tickets for Stonehenge tours can be pretty costly. Not only do you have to get all the way from London to Salisbury or Amesbury, but you have to either walk or take a taxi the rest of the way. If you're visiting the Stonehenge with a tour bus, the cost of the guided Stonehenge tour tickets will cost you a pretty penny.

    This is why you should always buy your tickets for Stonehenge tour online, as it's the best way to save money on your tour.

    Stonehenge facts

    You can compare tours from the various cities near Stonehenge, and you'll find that a few of them will be surprisingly cheap. It's much easier to shop around online, and you will be able to avoid traipsing around London to try and find a tour that will take you to the Stonehenge. 

    All you'll have to do is to buy Stonehenge tour tickets online and simply show up on the day that your tour begins. It's simple, easy and cheap!

    Note: The Stonehenge is currently listed on the UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. Of course, it always had been one of the most popular London tourist attractions. It almost takes 2 hour to arrive this prehistoric monument by tour bus from London.

  • Stonehenge tour at YouTube.

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