An Insider's Guide to Discount Universal Studios Orlando Tickets

If you're in the market for discount Universal Studios Orlando tickets, ensure that you buy from a reputable online source. In good conscience, we can't suggest websites like Craigslist, due to scammers who frequent these sites. Also, some people try to unload partially-used ticket days.

Universal Studios tickets are non-transferrable. They employ biometric finger scans to identify the ticketholder. Not only will you be subject to embarrassment, you will be denied entrance and lose your investment.

Here are examples of recent deals we discovered: receive a free booklet with over $150 worth of discounts with ticket purchase; several buy one day, get one day free; "promo" codes for free ticket and/or free kids tickets.

If you're an AARP or AAA member, you may be entitled to discounted tickets. Also, if you belong to a wholesale club such as, Costco or Sam's, check for current discounts.

If you are booking through a travel agency, ask your agent about discounted tickets.

If you plan to visit Universal Studios several times this year, you'll save a bundle with season passes. Better still, buy one-day Universal Studies Orlando tickets and if you loved your visit, swap the ticket for a season pass and pay the difference.

Inside Facts About Universal Studios Orlando

You might be in the pictures! Universal is a working studio and your ticket gets you an opportunity to be called as an extra. If you are not picked, take advantage of photo ops with the Disney characters, such as SpongeBob Squarepants.

Head for your favorite attraction while other visitors are eating lunch or dinner. Lines will be more manageable. After dark, head for Central Park or Expedition Blvd. and watch the show from prime real estate!

Check out early admission for Harry Potter's Wizarding World. Go before breakfast and eat at the Three Broomsticks afterwards. Your kiddos will be in Hogwart heaven!

There are ample discounts and deals available on the internet without buying Universal Studies Orlando tickets from a shady dealer. Do secure your tickets early. If you plan on purchasing them at the front entrance, you'll pay full price, at the expense of waiting in a long, long queue.

Where to Get Universal Studios Orlando Tickets:

Universal Studios Orlando Tickets are available for sale on eBay ticket auction. Make sure to deal with reliable sellers with excellent feedback profile. Of course, PayPal MasterCard or credit card or debit card is accepted.

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