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White House Tour is one of tourists' popular attractions and at the top of most people's list as the place to visit in Washington DC., should be the best highlight of your Washington DC City tours. 

Whenever you are one of visitors at this historical attraction, you would view 5 of 132 rooms inside the House and rose garden / lawn outside the House.

Name of 5 rooms to be open to public visiting are the Blue Room, the East Room, the Green Room, the Red Room and the State Dinning Room.

There million of tourists who were interested in tours of the White House and obtained FREE tickets for touring White House every year, they could call "President's Palace", but in America we call "White House".

White House was built in 1792; the most interesting trivia was George Washington except all Presidents never have a chance to live in White House during his presidential terms. This tour might give you an idea of what President Obama had been doing every day.

Also you can get a nice view of the back of the White House (which is the most famous view) and the South Lawn from Constitution Ave.

Free Tickets For White House Tour

Here are the basic instructions on how to get FREE tour tickets as below:

#1. You should be more flexible with the date you want to visit, but should be aware that the tour would be closed on Sunday, Monday and Federal holidays as well as snowstorm weather. The guided tour hours are between 07:30 and 12:30.

You can make plan ahead of time, contact your State Congressmen by phone and request for the tour tickets. Use Google or other search engine to obtain phone number.

#2. When you receive the tour tickets by mail, you have to call the WhiteHouse tour line # to assure that your tour schedule is confirmed as long as the foreign leader is not coming to visit U.S. President on your same day.

#3. You should arrive on time or early so you wouldn't miss your "once-in-a-lifetime" chance to visit this famous Washington DC attraction.

One more thing - unfortunately you are not allowed to bring in anything except the White House tour tickets and either your passport or your driver license.

Visiting this historical White House will be the best highlight of your Washington DC sightseeing tours!

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